Leading organisations through change

Sector leaders know that consumer directed care is changing their organisations. But research shows that change management practice determines the outcome. It is the key indicator of likely success for organisational initiatives. Interviews within the sector suggest a mismatch between poor experiences of past change management and an unsubstantiated optimism that future change management will be fine.

This interactive seminar will take leaders through the dynamics and phases of change management, from its triggers to its final consolidation. Using data and experience from the aged care and other sectors, it examines the steps available to leaders to get the best results. It looks at key leadership responsibilities for planning, risk management, executive responsibilities, manager priorities, individual contributor dynamics, communication, project elements and maintaining ongoing business during change.

Paul Hegerty

Grevillea Consultants

I work across different sectors, especially government and aged care, to help organisations benefit from improved leadership, change and culture.  Often working with executives and managers, we develop ways to help teams perform well.

My work is a combination of professional development, consulting and advising.  One popular program is helping supervisors to improve people's peroformance.  I am sought after for my effectiveness in change management, helping clients to get beneficial results through difficult or sensitive change.

You are welcome to contact me during the conference or make a time afterwards if you want to talk about change for your organisation or explore some of the content of the digital poster on display here.

You can also view more about my work and company at Grevillea Consultants.