Your game plan for resilient workforce

"With the changes and challenges currently experienced by our sector, it is imperative that we put in place a workforce plan. A Workforce plan however, will only move off the page if the organisation fosters a culture of high resilience. The level of resilience across an organisation is a direct driver of the success in building high performing and sustainable workplaces. The purpose of this presentation is to introduce you to the components of:
• What constitutes a good workforce plan
• What is resilience and why it is important – the stats
• How to both build a culture of resilience and how to measure it

With a strong workforce plan comes the capacity to build resilient teams, more so, teams and organisations that are emotionally intelligent, and skilled in managing and adapting to change and who are operating at their optimum levels. Driving efficiency are streamlined through successful HR strategies. Ensuring your workforce is engaged and resilient."

Lyndall Fogarty


Lyndell is CEO and one of the founders of performHR, a national organisation enabling its clients to change the way HR is done. Her team work with organisations to provide access to professional HR support delivered when and where they need it. performHR work with many Not For Profit service providers across Australia. Through their collaborative approach, performHR bring a level of knowledge and access to professional support, previously thought unobtainable in this sector. Allowing leaders to focus on leading their teams to provide quality services, performHR bring the much needed peace of mind to organisations.