Steady, Invested, Strong: the benefits of a consortia model

Brisbane North PHN is the lead agency for three consortia delivering services funded under the Commonwealth Home Support Program, Regional Assessment Service and Partners in Recovery. The success of these consortia and the knowledge gained since their inception has led to the development of a new Consortium Toolkit titled ‘steady invested strong’.

This informative presentation will unpack the elements that organisations can use to foster strong partnerships and tells the story of how investing in collaborative work has achieved positive outcomes for consumers, service providers and governments.

Our approach to consortia demonstrates that the sum is greater than the parts and that engaging in inter-organisational collaborations supports the sustainability of a diverse service sector, enhanced individual business models, improved service delivery and fosters sector leadership. As a collective voice, consortia can also tackle the bigger challenges of influencing systems towards more integrated models of care.

Michele Smith

Brisbane North PHN

Michele is the Manager of the North Brisbane PHN community care services which includes a CHSP and RAS Consortia.

Michele has a Master’s in Public Administration, is a Registered Nurse and engages with a wide range of stakeholders across the Community Care sector in North Brisbane.