Frankston extension - RDNS homeless persons program

The RDNS Homeless Person’s Program (HPP) identified a high level of unmet need for nursing services in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston.

In 2013 the HPP received funding to extend the program to Frankston. As a result of the work undertaken by the team in the Frankston, community nursing services were approved and the HPP was successfully rolled out, directly benefiting people living rough and people at risk of homelessness in the area.

The team was able to meet the health and wellbeing needs of the homeless population and brought on new clients who are now engaging in and connecting with services.

They have successfully addressed the health and wellbeing needs of homeless people in Frankston by connecting them with medical, psychiatric, psychological, dental, optometric, housing and financial services plus additional social and recreational services including a community garden, cooking sessions, lawn bowls and a “Pets in the Park” program.

Deidre McGill

Residential District Nursing Service

Deidre McGill is the Group General Manager, Community Services. Deidre brings a wealth of local and international experience and energy to lead and support her team to continue delivering quality services to clients in the community as well as responding to the changing landscape and industry we operate in.