Dementia into 2020 and beyond

The traditional care model of today is based upon person centric care and needs expansion and development to allow innovative, bold and brave influences to change dementia care.

We must invest in staff to drive the change models from traditional task orientation to individualised, resident centric models. Discussion needs to be started to enable a shift from tourist staff to entrepreneurial carers.

This presentation will explore some of the possibilities that may be adopted in coming years to allow the shift in thinking and provide carers of dementia sufferers ideas on how the future may change lives.

Susan Wray

Wray Consulting

Susan Wray is a registered nurse of over 25 years, including 20+ years as a nurse manager in aged care. Achievements include Associate in The Eden Alternative, a care model promoting a person directed approach to aged care, Advanced care planning and publishing alternative leadership articles in LASA magazine.