Living Life - bringing wellness to everyday

“Living Life” – the Beauaraba Living Model of Care
We believe that everyone wants that feeling of being able to contribute to their community and their own personal cares. Everyone wants to be valued for who they are. Everyone loves to care and Cares to love. Living Life enables ‘Wellness to be bought to Every Day’. This model of care ensures that every resident no matter what stage of life they are in are treated as a valued member of the community. Living Life now consists of 5 major areas:
1. Montessori
2. Comfort Care
3. Music & Memory
4. Letters of Love
5. Training/Education
Living Life helps to create individualised holistic cares that truly makes our residents feel valued and wanted.

Kim Solomon

Beauaraba Living

Kim has a keen passion for aged care and Dementia Care, she believes that everyone should be treated individually for who they are, and what they can do, not what can no longer be accomplished. Her unique education style, involves fun and laughter often pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as normal.