Bold insights into quality home care in Australia: listing to cheering and coaching from the sidelines

At the grassroots level economic and political challenges have increased the complexity of how home care is being structurally enacted since the aged care reforms July 2012. Moreover, these changes in games rules is being felt by those who conduct home care business as they adjust to accommodate these policies. A qualitative study of ten home care businesses reveals that the impact of policy change has created masks to obscure information and the interpretation of the rules of engagement. The study highlights the importance of level playing fields which are inclusive of participants irrespective of social or geographical positioning, particularly for those who are located at the margins. The voice of the research participants (home care business managers and owners) provide bold insights into future game change strategies. By shining a light on the illusion and reality of quality care, alternatives for future game plans can be made visible.

Jenny Mee

Federation University of Australia

Jenny Mee RN, BN, MAS (research), is a PhD Candidate and Lecturer in Nursing at Federation University Australia. Her passion for caring and life-long learning as a nurse has lead her on a journey as a clinician, clinical educator, nurse manager (neurology), researcher and directing her own home care business.