Can collaboration be effective and efficient in regional assessment services

The Brisbane North PHN leads a Consortium of seven organisations delivering Regional Assessment Services. This is an innovative model in a new and challenging environment.
The independence of the PHN provides a strong focus on continuous quality improvement and delivering on the intent of the aged care reform while maintaining an efficient and sustainable service. The tension between business drivers and taking a community of practice approach to building and maintaining consistently high performing teams is explored in this presentation.
A strong vision and commitment to positive client outcomes is underpinned by peer support, shared decision-making and group accountability. The key strengths of each player are deployed to provide specialised outreach to meet the diverse needs of older people. This presentation will give practical examples of balancing efficiency and quality, measuring and improving performance, and working within collaboration, competition and control.

Michele Smith

Brisbane North PHN

Michele is the Manager of the North Brisbane PHN community care services which includes a CHSP and RAS Consortia.

Michele has a Master’s in Public Administration, is a Registered Nurse and engages with a wide range of stakeholders across the Community Care sector in North Brisbane.