Workforce-biggest cost-biggest opportunit

Be smart – understand your workforce and use intelligent strategies
Everyone knows that the future aged care workforce is a major concern. We also know that staff teams, facilities and geographies face often face very different workforce issues and challenges. So at a local level – where do you start planning and managing for the future?
Smart analytical tools linked to big data can provide powerful new insights into the existing workforce and predictive analytics can help us develop strategies that work. The standard management approach of trying to manage and plan around complex workforce issues using monthly KPI and budget reports as the main source of information usually fails.
Fortunately, the good news is that most organisations have a rich source of intelligence sitting in the payroll and HR systems. We just need to use the right tools to make sense of it and convert data into usable information.

Michael Roberts

Grant Thornton

Michael Roberts is an advisor in Grant Thornton’s Growth Advisory team and an active member of the firm’s health & aged care industry team.

With more than 35 years of experience in the health, aged care and community care sectors, Michael has an extensive background as a service manager, board member, clinician and as a consultant implementing major change.