Fit for aged care

The proposed session will draw evidence from university research and balance this against sector examples where aged care providers have embraced exercise and physical activity as a better practice model of care. The associated physical and cognitive benefits will be overviewed, with emphasis placed on the positive impact to activities of daily living, dementia, frailty, sarcopenia and falls risk. For the community sector, successful models will be explored that bring exercise into the home delivered by care workers, or are multidisciplinary clinic based, and the value of onsite gyms described in the residential setting. In addition, positive change will be presented with reference to cost-benefit, improved best practice and reduced staff burden. The session will emphasise that exercise can be undertaken safely by everyone, independent of age, illness and disability, and that the outcome of better health is an achievable model of care.

Tim Henwood

Southern Cross Care

Dr Tim Henwood is an aged care manager, consultant and exercise gerontologist. His work emphasises that you are never too old or unwell to benefit from exercise, and that exercise programs are a better model of care independent of whether the clients resides in the community or residential setting.