Digital engagement - everyone, everywhere, everything, all the time

What’s going to win you the game?
-Focus on the Consumer and their support network
-Customer Service
-Ease of interaction

What is Digital Engagement
-Portals / concierge service
-Smart Device Applications (Phones / tablets)
-Notifications / Alerts / IoT
-Easy ability to order services
-Tracking service delivery
-Financial visibility

Consumer’s and their support network
-Consumer influencers (partners, adult children etc…)
-Family and Friends
-Allied Health providers
-Other service providers (food, cleaning etc…)
-Community groups (churches, clubs etc…)

How do you win the game?
-Look past the game and focus on the championship (set the goals and timeframes)
-Assess your current team (people, process and technology)
-Formulate a game plan / roadmap
-Start kicking the goals!

Scott Lawton

IT Integrity

Scott Lawton is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of IT Integrity. Founded in 2001, IT Integrity is an Independent Technology Service provider that has a core focus in the Aged Care industry. With over 50 aged care clients, IT Integrity has been able to effectively improve business efficiencies and lower spend per resident for these providers