Living Life to the Full: Focusing on Positive Wellingbeing across all aspects of Care

Aged care is widely associated with the dreaded decline at the end of life. Our services are viewed as something people might one day need, but never something they would want. And certainly never a place that would make people’s lives better.

At Churches of Christ Care we are trying to write a different story about ageing.
We believe ageing doesn’t need to be a period of continuous decline and withdrawal removal from society. Rather, greater emphasis can and must be placed on more productive and successful ageing. Supporting for older people should include maintaining and building capabilities and providing them with opportunities to really enjoy life.

This poster gives an overview of our positive wellbeing approach to care for older people, and how we are implementing it across all aspects of our organisation. From how we care for people to how we care for our staff.

Judy McCrow

Churches of Christ in Queensland

Judy has over 30 years of clinical, education, management and research experience. Since joining Churches of Christ in Queensland in 2013, Judy has received honors and awards for her work on preference-driven care, dementia specific church services and the Positive Wellbeing Model of Care.