Should Australian Care Providers be Aware of the UK Experience?

The Game Changers

Should you be aware of the Game Changers which have affected the UK care sector? Growth of the number of older people in Australia and the ambitious plans around NDIS funding, will this mean that your Governments have to consider UK Government strategies in the years ahead?

The UK Government has:

• Allowed care providers to work with a zero hours employment working status
• Forced care providers to offer 15 minute care visits and some of 7.5 minutes.
• Imposed higher criteria of care levels and is not paying for low or medium level care packages.
• Imposed an unrealistic hourly rate for care packages which for many providers, especially in rural areas, does not allow any financial margin

Result: care providers are handing back their contracts as financially unsustainable.

Last report: 800,000 elderly people are not receiving the care they are entitled to.

Angela Gifford

Able Community Care

Angela has been a care provider in the UK since 1980 travelling a care route similar to the road which Australian care providers are now beginning to travel.
Since 2010 Angela has worked with many organisations within Australia.