Move and Groove

Physical activity contributes to older people’s health and wellbeing, yet many older people fail to engage in recommended levels. Undertaking physical activity whilst having fun is a key focus for Churches of Christ Care when supporting older people within its service area.
The move and groove framework covers a variety of different activities including Helsinki University Research (HUR) gym exercise, fun and fitness and therapy programs and using personal activity monitors to motivate and track step counts.
We are committed to advancing these programs throughout our services. The stories from people who participate in any of these programs are amazing. Consequently we are endeavouring to support anecdotal evidence of their positive outcomes with rigorous scientific evidence.

Andrea Silva

Churches of Christ in Queensland

Andrea has over 20 years’ experience in the corporate and educational sector working in education, management and research in Brazil. She has extensive experience as a research assistant, planning and implementing experiments, teaching/training students and making contributions to the project.