Intergenerational Care-Game Changer

Questions posed:
What are the financial implications?
What are the legislative requirements?
Do relationships develop between residents and children?
Does this lead to relationships outside of the allocated time?
Do elders and children talk about upcoming interactions?
Are elders/children asking to have interaction?

Issues identified- staff: child ratios, child safety of in the aged care facility. Transport frail and elderly residents to the centre and keeping the department happy

We tracked those who participated, interactions between children and residents, changes in behaviours (residents and children)
Through surveys, data was collected on parents of children/families of residents thoughts, measuring knowledge of each group of the
Preliminary findings –.
Aged Care-. Residents more engaged in other aspects of their lives. Behaviours were managed better- residents complied with getting ready-so they were out and waiting for the children. More mobility, weight increases.

Alison McDonald


I have been in the Aged Care industry for 15 years. Working in in Residential Aged Care. I have been heavily involved in the intergenerational care model at Aloaka Care Centre, from the OSHC Coordinator, to Director of Childcare, to Site Manager, overseeing both Childcare and Residential Aged Care.