Maintaining Relevance in the Consumer Era through Building Customer-Facing Services using marketing, Demographic research and Consumer Feedback

With recent industry deregulations the game rules of marketing in the aged care sector have brought competitive tensions amongst providers to an all-time high. As choice driven Baby Boomers are entering retirement age, the industry has begun to transition towards greater consumer centrism.

Whilst providing more service options might seem like a simple solution, it is imperative that providers get to know their target markets to deliver services that are tailored to their diverse wants and needs.

This can only be achieved through detailed demographic and competitor research to understand the dynamics of your demand and to maintain a competitive advantage against existing and emerging supply.

In addition, the implementation of transparent customer feedback systems facilitates the fine tuning of services to best meet your consumer’s preferences.

It is this research that creates the foundation for targeted marketing strategies that enable providers to remain relevant in this consumer driven era and keep ahead of the evolving aged care industry game.

Sara Agostinelli

Ansell Strategic Pty Ltd

Sara has a background in marketing and communications and has specialised in market research.
She has undertaken a number of qualitative and quantitative market reviews, including geographic and demographic population analysis, as well as comprehensive research on existing and emerging competition for residential aged care facilities and retirement villages. Sara has performed market analysis for both not-for-profit and for-profit providers as well as private service providers