Dental Study

Evidence suggests poor oral health has strong implications for general systemic health; however, the association between oral health and nutritional status is less clear. This presentation shares findings from’s Dental Study which investigated the association of oral health status and oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) with nutritional status among 65 residents of aged care facilities (>65 years).
Almost two thirds of study participants were malnourished (55%, n=34 moderately malnourished; 7%, n=4 severely malnourished), most had inadequate oral cleanliness (89%, n=46) and most needed a dental referral (83%, n=43). Malnutrition was strongly associated with poor OHRQol (p=0.007). Recommendations for future practice include an increase in RACF training and education around oral health care and its connection with nutritional status and OHRQoL, increased access to dental professionals and the importance of concurrent referrals to dietitians when dental issues are identified.

Cherie Hugo

The Lantern Project Australia - Founder, My Nutrition Clinic - Director, Bond University - PhD Schol

Cherie is director of consulting to aged care, hospital and communit since 1999. In 2013, Cherie founded, which is a national collaboration of over 500 industry stakeholders with the shared vision to bring back the joy of good food in aged care. Cherie completes her PhD this month through Bond University which has focused on quantifying the economic value of good food in aged care. Her 3 digital presentations and 1 oral presention at this year's LASA conference shares some of the learnings of The Lantern Project research and collaboration.